• Lisa is an architect with more than twenty-five years of project design and management experience. Lisa founded A K Architecture, previously known as Armstrong Kaulbach Architects, in 1991.

• Lisa approaches each project with a multi-disciplinary perspective, seeking design solutions that balance project goals - maximize energy efficiency, satisfy long term sustainability objectives, and find the right fit between design priorities, schedule, and budget constraints.

• Lisa has designed environmentally sustainable public facilities, multi-use community centers, childhood education centers, and affordable housing developments; many of which have won design awards such as Lloyd Hall - Number One Boathouse Row, Calcutta House III AIDS Hospice, and Columbus Square Recreation Center.

• Lisa specializes in working with complicated stakeholder structures, unusual siting constraints, and historic and/or complex contexts.

• Much of Lisa’s work focuses on adaptive reuse of historic structures.

• Facilitating community engagement through charrettes is an integral part of the creative process Lisa leads at AKA.

• A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University, Lisa has served on many boards including the Philadelphia AIA Chapter, Community Design Collaborative, the Preservation Alliance, PennDesign Alumni Association, and Greening Greenfield.

Lisa Armstrong