Chinatown Eastern Tower Community Center
The Chinatown Eastern Tower Community Center will be a landmark identifying Chinatown North as a vital part of the established Chinatown neighborhood. Responding to Chinatown’s traditional mix of ground floor retail with other uses above street level, the Chinatown Community Center will be a new kind of hybrid facility- mixing commercial, residential, and public recreation uses in one place. The ground floor retail spaces will extend the lively market corridor of Tenth Street northward.
The City Planning Commission of Philadelphia identified the area north of Chinatown, beyond the Vine Street Expressway as the logical place for the expansion of this growing neighborhood. Cultural education and performance programs will co-exist within a double size gymnasium/banquet hall and a floor of commercial tenant offices. The project design is complete and construction is scheduled to begin in Summer 2017. The perspective and space plans explore the potential of this site to become a new anchor attracting and promoting future development to Chinatown North.