Stanton Schoolyard Improvements
Starting in fall of 2015, A K Architecture with ThinkGreen and Durkin Associates designed green schoolyard stormwater infrastructure improvements at the E M Stanton School for the Trust for Public Land and two partners: The Philadelphia School District and the Philadelphia Water Department. E M Stanton School is a K-8 public school located at 17th and Christian Streets in Philadelphia. The design and bid documents were completed March 2017 and the construction is scheduled to start Summer 2017. The construction budget is $425,000.
The Stanton Site Plan shows the relative location of the four main components starting from the west side and moving east: the porous playground surface system area (1,747 SF), the outdoor classroom with main circulation path with concrete paving (766 SF) and permeable pavers (515 SF), the turf field (1,646 SF), and the rain garden with learning area. A new asphalt painted track with two 3’-0” lanes will wrap around these four components. A strip of existing concrete with a raised planting bed and a stepped seating stage structure are between the north side of the track and the existing school building. Two bio-infiltration basins with a deep infiltration stone storage trench below the planting beds along the south Montrose St. edge of the school yard will capture the 2” goal from the impervious paving surfaces and the 1:1 play surface, turf field, and permeable pavers. The asphalt track curves around the play equipment safety zones and undulates on the south side to create a more playful shape and some wider areas in the infiltration planting beds along the downhill south edge. The area of disturbance/pavement removal shown in the site plan is 8606 SF.