Urban Home
A K Architecture’s respect for Philadelphia’s historical context fuels sensitive restoration and adaptive reuse projects, such as this conversion of a former architecture office, once a plasterers’ union hall, into a private residence. Exterior metal siding, exposed steel framing, flush cabinetry, high gloss finishes, stone counters, and stainless steel accents add to the original industrial language of the building. Maintaining the open floor plan to allow the diffused daylight to penetrate through the space from the south- facing entrance was balanced with creating a private living/sleeping area for the owners by adding a second story to the existing one-story building.
A K Architecture sees each design project as an opportunity to reinterpret an existing site or building, and add or reconfigure spaces that form part of a larger continuum. “Much of my work focuses on responding to the specific context of a project’s site – in a way that respects the past, acknowledges the present, and gestures toward the future,” Lisa Armstrong, AIA, explains. For this residential project, A K Architecture listened carefully to find out what architectural qualities were important to the home owners, and then strove to give form to their ideas. Lisa Armstrong brought her experience with materials, craft, spatial layering, and volumetric hierarchy to the design process, resulting in a house that embraces its change and transformation from a making place to a living space.